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If you haven’t used Dropbox before, you should really try it out. It’s an extremely useful cloud storage solution that you can sync between multiple computers and other devices, and it works great on a Mac. It’s pretty simple to set up, too.

Here’s a video walk-through on how to download, install, and use Dropbox on your Mac.

Once you’ve installed Dropbox and created your account, read the Dropbox “Getting Started” Guide. It will walk you through the basics and show you how to get quickly up to speed with the product.

Accessing Dropbox from Apple menu bar

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Dropbox provides you with 2 GB of space for free. You can get your friends to sign up to earn even more free space. If you need more space, like a LOT more, for a monthly fee you can sign up for the Pro Plan, which gives you 100 GB.

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