How to Print Labels from Mac OS X Contacts

Now that Scrubly has properly updated and formatted your Contacts in Mac OS X, you may want to print labels from the Contacts app. Printing labels from your Mac Contacts app is easy. Just follow these instructions:

1. In Contacts, select the Group of contacts you created for printing.

2. Press Command+P to Print (or select Print from the File drop-down menu).

3. Click on the Show Details button if the printing details are not already displayed.


4. In the printing options that are now displayed (highlighted below):

  • Select All Pages or a Range of Pages.
    Tip: You may want to start with one test page to see how well the labels work with your printer and ink, and with the label-specific selections you will make in Step 5.
  • Make sure Contacts is selected from the printing options drop-down menu.
  • Select Mailing Labels in the Style drop-down menu.

5. You now have two main options for configuring your labels:


  • Layout: Allows you to choose the type of label you are using. You can select Avery U.S., Avery International, or Shipping Labels.
  • Label: Allows you to customize how the text appears:
    a. Include a home or work address, or country
    b. Specify sort order (alphabetical or postal code) to print
    c. Select the color you would like the text to be printed in
    d. Select a graphic image, if desired (such as a holiday theme
    or your company’s logo).
    e. Select your desired font.

Final Tips

In the print window, you will notice the number of labels (addresses) you selected to print. Also you may Zoom in on your selection in the print window to ensure the contacts’ information is presented the way you want it.


6. When all your label settings have been configured, click the Print button, and… Happy Printing!


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