How to Print Envelopes From Your Mac OS X Contacts

Now that Scrubly has properly updated and formatted your Contacts in Mac OS X, you may want to print envelopes from the Contacts app. Printing envelopes from your Mac Contacts app is easy.

Just follow these instructions:

  • In Contacts, select a Group, or select a single contact. Select more than one contact by using the Command and up and down arrow keys.
  • Press Command+P to Print (or select Print from the File drop-down menu).
  • Click on the Show Details button if the printer details are not displayed.1
  • The printing options details are now displayed:1
    • Select the number of Copies you would like to print of each envelope.
    • Select All Pages (envelopes) or a Range of Pages. Tip: You may want to start with one or a handful of “pages” (envelopes) to gauge how well the envelopes are working with your printer and ink.
    • Make sure that Contacts is selected from the printing options drop-down menu.
    • Select Envelopes in the Style drop-down menu.
  • You now have three options for configuring your envelopes, whether they are standard-sized or custom-sized, such as holiday or gift card envelopes.1
    • Layout: Allows you to choose from standard- and common-sized envelopes to international envelope standards. Using the Define custom setting, you may also define the width and height of your own custom-sized envelopes, as well as precisely where the position the Recipient and Sender boxes are printed.
    • Label: Allows you to customize the text printed in the Recipient and Sender boxes (e.g., name and/or company name, home or work address, or even a graphic image for the sender’s company logo), and how the text appears (e.g., font type, font color).1
    • Orientation: Allows you to select which direction the printer accepts envelopes: either in landscape mode or in portrait mode.

Final Tips:

In the print window, you will notice the number of contacts you selected (either individually or in the selected Contacts Group). Also you may Zoom in on your selection in the print window to ensure the contacts information is presented as you wish!


When all your envelope settings have been configured, click the Print button, and… Happy Printing!


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