How to Manually Import LinkedIn Contacts into Mac Contacts

Importing the contacts from your LinkedIn account to your Mac address book will give you a lot more control over contacts. Here’s how to do it.

(First, though, a shout-out: This is a problem Scrubly’s Social Contact Update feature solves automatically. See the note at the bottom of the post.)

1. Log in to your LinkedIn account.

2. Select Network > Contacts to open your Connections tab.


3. By default, all your contacts will display (and all your contacts will export).

4. Click the Export Connections link at the bottom right hand corner of the panel.


5. On the “Export LinkedIn Connections” page, select Mac OS X Address Book (.VCF file) from the “Export to” drop-down menu.


6. Click Export.

7. On the “Security Verification” page, enter the two words or numbers you see in the image. If the characters are not clear enough to properly read, or if you need an audio challenge, click on either the Get a new challenge or Get an audio challenge button.

8. Click Continue.

9. Enter details for where you want to save the contacts.


10. Click Save.

11. Depending on your browser, the Mac OS X Contacts application may automatically open.

If not, follow the instructions on the “Export LinkedIn Connections” page itself:

Depending on your browser, a file named “linkedin_address_book.vcf” will be downloaded to your default download location.

  • Open Address Book.
  • Drag the file you exported from LinkedIn into the main window, which will import the file.

12. The import process will determine if there are duplicate contacts between your LinkedIn Contacts and your OS X Contacts. If so, you will be asked to review duplicates. When you’re done, click Import.


13. When the import process is complete, you may review all your contacts in the OS X Contacts application.

Scrubly’s Social Contact Update Feature Gives You Even More Control

With Scrubly, you have control over the information you want to sync and import from LinkedIn (as well as Facebook and Twitter). Select the fields you would like to sync and any existing information in your address book will either be overwritten or maintained.

Also, if you connect all of your social accounts, Scrubly will consolidate all of your friends’ social data into a single contact. Scrubly will not import all of your social network contacts–Scrubly will only update the existing contacts inside your current address book.


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