How Do I Shoot Photos in Burst Mode on an iPhone 5s?

Hand holding iPhone 5s displaying Burst Mode photos

I remember the days when you had a PDA for email and contacts, a Motorola Razor for phone calls and a camera to take pictures. Fast-forward to today and we have smartphones that handle all this and more.

Having a phone and a camera with a quality picture in one device is great. I never use my regular camera anymore now that I have one sitting in my pocket at all times. With the iPhone 5s, you now have burst mode when shooting pictures, which is also great for action shots.

If you haven’t explored burst mode or are wondering how to use it, check out the steps below.

1. Point your iPhone 5s at an action sequence such as a baseball game, car race or soccer game. Next, tap and hold the shutter. A number appears showing how many pictures were snapped.

Photo of skateboard and wall picture on iPhone 5s

2. Open the Camera Roll. The photo shown is what the iPhone determined was the best shot. In the top left corner, the word “Burst” appears, letting you know that this was a Burst Mode picture.

Photo in Camera Roll on iPhone 5s

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3. If you prefer to manually view all of your bursted photos, click Favorites at the bottom of the screen and tap to view each shot. The grey circle indicates Apple’s recommended photos. Select the photos you want to keep and click Done.

Burst mode photos on Choose Favorites screen in iPhone 5s

4. You can identify bursted shots when scrolling through Cameral Roll by a photo with stacked images. Stacked images denote a burst shot.

Stacked images in iPhone 5s Camera Roll screen

Try it out and have fun!

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