5 Tips to Get More out of Your iPhone Camera With iOS 8

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It’s no secret that for many people iPhone cameras have replaced the need for a separate digital camera. It’s simple and easy to use, and really takes great pictures. Even with the features your iPhone camera offers, it’s easy to assume there’s not much it can do outside of serving as a point-and-shoot.

There are a few lesser-known tricks that will help you get even more out of your iPhone camera. And with the release of iOS 8 there are more features for you to play around with. Let’s take a look!

1. Change iPhone camera exposure

Many of the iPhone camera’s default settings were tied to one another. If you wanted to change the exposure on an image you also had to mess with the focus. For amateur photographers who just wanted to make a simple change, this issue was often not worth the time to solve.

Adjusting exposure on iPhone camera screen

In iOS 8, you can take more manual control of the exposure. Simply double-tap on your screen and drag the sun icon up or down, depending on what your photo requires.

Previously, just finding the menu to change the exposure on a photo was a task in itself. This addition in iOS 8 is a welcome reprieve for iPhone users who want to make sure that each photo is as perfect as possible.

2. A timer for your iPhone camera

If you’ve ever taken group photos with your iPhone, you know how unwieldy they can be. They’re often difficult to set up, and even when you do get everyone in perfect position, several things can still go wrong in the seconds between setup and clicking the “shoot” button.

iOS 8 makes group photos a little easier with its new Timer function.

Timer options on top of iPhone camera screen

Clicking the Timer icon when you’re setting up a photo will reveal options for 3 seconds and 10 seconds. When you select your time, the camera will flash on each count. For multiple photographers competing with each other for the same shot, this makes the whole experience a lot clearer.

Not only does the Timer function eliminate any confusion about countdowns, but your iPhone camera will also take a large handful of photos, giving you plenty of options when you’re selecting the best group shot. Families struggling to find the perfect holiday card, rejoice!

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3. Enhance your iPhone photos in a snap

iPhone users know the deal: You can crop photos from your phone, but for more comprehensive edits you’ll need to take your photos to your desktop. In iOS 8, even the most amateur photographers can turn their photos into masterpieces.

Photo edit settings on iPhone camera screen

The Edit button reveals a number of different options. As shown above, you can mess with the light and color saturation settings on any photo, or simply convert the photo to black and white. Amateur photographers will be especially excited by the ability to use all these functions by simply dragging a toolbar left or right.

Filter options on iPhone camera screen

If you’d rather not make wholesale changes to your photos on your own, iOS 8 gives you the ability to add presets to your photos. Similar to Instagram, you have a number of filters you can apply to your photos, all with a single tap.

Scope feature on iPhone camera screen

While the crop feature hasn’t undergone wholesale changes, in iOS 8 you can be a bit more exact when cropping your photos. You’re able to increase or decrease the scope of your pictures by degree, making it easier than ever to precisely edit any photo.

4. New iPhone camera shooting modes

iPhone users were particularly excited about the prospect of additional camera shooting options. However, nobody predicted how easy it would be to switch between each of these shooting modes.

iPhone camera shooting modes on screen

To toggle between Slo-Mo, Time Lapse, Video, Photo, etc., simply slide your finger along the bottom of your screen. While this feature isn’t necessarily groundbreaking, its convenience is something you’ll grow to appreciate more over time.

Even more exciting are the new shooting modes themselves. Using the Time Lapse feature, you can record video over a specified amount of time. Once that’s done, your iPhone will produce a sped-up version of all the video you’ve just recorded.

Slo-Mo, while not a particularly useful feature, can be entertaining for anyone looking to be a superhero. Your video is recorded normally and then played back in slow motion. How fun is that?

5. Retrieve accidentally deleted photos

Recently we discussed some of the options you have for recovering lost files on your Mac. One of the newest (and most appreciated) iOS 8 features is the Recently Deleted folder in the Photos app.

Recently Deleted folder in iPhone Photos app

After deleting a photo from your Camera Roll, you’ll still be able to view and recover it. The Recently Deleted album also lets you restore any photo you like within 30 days of its original deletion. Each photo will also indicate how many days you have to restore it before your iPhone removes it permanently.

Photos in Recently Deleted folder showing number of days remaining

While this is a great feature, note that the photos in your Recently Deleted album take up space on your iPhone. If you’re 100% certain you’d like to delete the photos in the Recently Deleted album, you can do so manually. For more details on this feature, check here.

We think these are some of the best features of the iPhone camera in iOS 8. Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments section!

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