5 Tips for Charging Your iPhone Faster

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With an almost impossibly thin design, stunning display, and more processing power than NASA had when we landed on the moon, today’s iPhone is a technological wonder. The only not-so-stellar feature of the iPhone is the battery life.

The iPhone user of today has become a hunter of electrical outlets and charging stations, hoping to get a few minutes to up their charge by a few percent.

With these quick charges, every minute matters. So why not make the most of that time and use these 5 tips for charging your iPhone faster?

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1. Use a Better Charger

Lego men and Apple iPad charger

Not all chargers are created equal, including the one that came with your iPhone. The iPhone charger is a 5-volt charger that uses 1 amp for 5 watts of power.

This is all well and good, but when you look at the iPad’s charger with 5.1 volts, 2.1 amps, and 12 watts, you can see the difference. That extra power means that the iPhone will get a much faster charge when plugged into an iPad charger.

Compare this to a standard USB on your computer that uses 5 volts, 0.5 amps, and only 2.5 watts of power. In other words, your iPhone will charge about half as quickly on USB as it will using the iPhone wall charger, and it will charge twice as fast using the iPad charger.

Pay attention to the charger you’re using for possibly the biggest increase in charging speed. There’s more on the electrical end of this here.

2. Airplane Mode

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Your iPhone is a battleground of power usage when it’s plugged in. The radios that run Wi-Fi, the cell phone signal, and Bluetooth are all vying for the power coming in, while your battery is trying its best to get some for itself.

You may already know that your iPhone has a feature called Airplane Mode. This mode is meant for when you’re flying and can’t send signals safely while the plane is in the air. Airplane Mode turns all incoming and outgoing signals off while leaving the phone on.

Try turning on Airplane Mode the next time you charge your phone. You won’t get any text messages or phone calls while it’s on, but you will be able to charge your phone a few minutes faster.

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3. Turn It Off

People charging their iPhones in a public outlet

If putting your phone into Airplane Mode is a little help for your battery, turning it off completely is akin to how Dr. Frankenstein charges things.

By turning your phone off while it charges, you’re stopping its need for power to operate the screen and motion sensors and to run applications.

Keeping your phone off also means, of course, that you’re not using it while it charges, making it go even faster. If you’re looking for the fastest charge, turn your phone off.

Besides, we could all use a few minutes away from our phones, right? Relax and talk with a friend – you know, in person – instead of anxiously watching your phone.

4. Temperature Matters

iPhone inside a refrigeration unit

Just about everyone remembers their parents keeping batteries in the refrigerator to make them last longer. But while this doesn’t do a lot for the life of a new battery, keeping your iPhone cool will help it charge faster.

Now, this doesn’t mean to put your phone in the freezer. You’ll get some pretty bad results from that.

What this means is: Don’t leave your phone to charge in the sun or in a hot car. If you’re using a mobile battery charger, don’t keep your phone in your pocket, either.

Let your phone get some fresh air and it’ll return the favor with a somewhat faster charge.

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5. Proper Battery Maintenance

Lego man holding onto iPhone cord

The last tip is one you can do right now, before you need a quick charge.

Apple recommends that you go through at least one full charge cycle every month. This means you should charge your iPhone to 100% and let it fully discharge until it turns off by itself.

By doing this in a full cycle without charging in between, you’ll keep the electrons in the battery flowing and make sure it has the longest life possible.

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