Make Your iPhone Even Better With These iOS 8 Extensions

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One of the best features of iOS 8 is the ability to add extensions into core areas of the OS, giving you more functionality in both the sharing panel and the Today tab in the Notification Center.

Both of these combined give you more control and access to your apps while keeping your iPhone safe and secure. From a quicker way to add to Evernote, to a quick and secure way to always remember your password, iOS 8 extensions are pretty great. These are some of our favorites.

Here’s a quick rundown on how to add items to your sharing panel to get you started.

To add items to the Today screen, swipe from the top of your iOS lock or home screen and tap on the Today tab at the top. Scroll to the bottom and tap on Edit. You should now see a list of available app widgets you can add to your screen.

App widgets on iOS 8 Today screen


Evernote logo

Evernote is incredibly useful, and while you should be using it for everything from a quick note of where your car is parked to organizing your home, sometimes opening the app is one step too many for getting that quick note out of your head and into your iPhone.

Evernote widget on iOS 8 Today tab

The Evernote app for iOS 8 gives you a widget for the Today tab that lets you quickly add notes and view your most recent notes, as well as a sharing widget to let you share images and Web pages quickly to your Evernote account.

Swarm and Foursquare

Swarm and Foursquare logos overlapping

There’s nothing like discovering a new place to grab a bite or a drink, or even something fun to do on a rainy day. Swarm and its parent app, Foursquare, were built to help you do just that.

Swarm is an app that allows you to check in at your favorite places – and to see where your friends are, too. Foursquare uses your check-in data to recommend new places and venues that you’ll love.

iOS 8 gives you the ability to add both of these to your Today tab so you can check in with a single tap, and instantly see recommendations from the Foursquare app without even unlocking your phone.


Buffer logo

If you’re a big sharer on social media, you probably know the pain of trying to strike a balance between sharing what you want and not oversharing and driving your followers and friends away.

Buffer is an app that allows you to, well, “buffer” content into it so it’s posted on your schedule. You just load up your buffer and at your scheduled times it sends out messages as requested.

The Buffer app for iOS 8 gives you both a Today widget as well as a sharing panel widget. The sharing panel extension lets you instantly add a piece of content to a Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc., post without leaving the app you’re already in. The Today extension allows you to see how many posts for each account you have saved and ready to send out.

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Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger logo

While the extension for sharing to Facebook has been around since the update to iOS 8, Facebook recently added this sharing functionality to its Messenger app.

Photo selected for sharing on iOS 8 sharing panel

By adding Facebook Messenger to your sharing panel, you gain the ability to send images and sites to your Facebook contacts in private, one-on-one messages or in useful group messages.


1Password logo

Possibly the single best iOS 8 extension when talking about function and security is 1Password. Basically, 1Password is an application that stores all of your passwords and securely fills them in where needed. More specifically, it lets you sync your passwords across devices and machines with ease, making writing down your passwords a thing of the past.

Better yet, 1Password actually uses the fingerprint scanner built in to newer iPhones so you don’t even need to remember your 1Password login. Scan your fingerprint and you’ll log yourself in simply and securely.

Day One

Day One logo

“A life worth living is a life worth recording.”

The Day One app is built around making journaling as easy as possible by putting your journal at your fingertips. With Day One you can record special events as well as everyday moments.

Day One app widget on iOS 8 Today screen

The Day One app gives you a Today screen widget that lets you quickly enter your daily thoughts and events without having to locate the app and open it. You also get a sharing panel extension that allows you to share links and images directly to your Day One account without having to open the app.

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