How to Use Apple AirDrop in iOS 7

Sharing from your iPhone got a lot simpler once AirDrop became part of iOS.

AirDrop allows you to share pictures, contacts, notes and more between iPhone models 5 or higher. (The feature is not available on the iPhone 4 or 4s.) In addition, you don’t need to share a wireless network to use AirDrop on iOS.

With your iPhone, you can share information with anyone located near your device using Bluetooth or an ad-hoc wireless connection.

Here’s how it works.

Accessing the Control Center

The Control Center allows you to access all of your iOS content. This is the main area to access AirDrop.

1. Swipe your finger up from the bottom of the screen to the top of the screen to display Control Center.

Control Center.

2. Tap AirDrop and choose who you want to allow to see your phone. Options include: Off, Contacts Only and Everyone.

AirDrop options screen.

3. Select Everyone to be able to share with anyone who is near your device.

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4. Browse to a picture that you’d like to share and the upload button will appear.

Photo of a blue-and-pink girl's one-speed bicycle.

5. Select the Upload button. Any nearby recipients will see the photo show up under AirDrop.

Upload menu.

6. The picture shows up on the device of the person you are sharing the photo with and they can choose to Accept or Decline.

Recipient's screen.

Scrubly social-sharing menu.

Scrubly sign-up.