How to Add a Google Apps Account to Your iPhone or iPad

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While you can add Google accounts to the iPhone or iPad quickly and easily, these connections sync your emails via IMAP, which can be slow and may not always sync as well as you’d expect. This means delayed emails and greater battery drain as you check your email.

Instead of doing this, users with Google Apps email accounts for work, education or government can use Google Sync to connect their accounts, giving them faster email access, less battery draw, and an all-around better experience. Here’s how to set up your Google Apps account on your iPhone or iPad.

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Before Getting Started

For this process to work, you do have to have a current Google Apps account for work, education or government. Older, free Google Apps accounts won’t work for this, and neither will standard Gmail accounts. If you’re interested in signing up for email with Google Apps, click here.

If you have a Google Apps account that fits the criteria above, you’re ready to continue.

The next step is to make sure Push email is turned on for your device. Go to Settings and tap on Mail, Contacts, Calendars. Scroll down and tap on Fetch New Data. Make sure that Push is turned on, and you’re all set.

Set Up Google Apps for iOS

First, open Settings on your device and tap on Mail, Contacts, Calendars. On this screen, tap on Add Account and then on Exchange.

Add Account screen on iPhone

Enter your full email address for your Google Apps account along with your password, and a good account name so you remember what this account is later when checking your email. Then tap on Next.

On the expanded screen that comes up, enter the following:

  • Server:
  • Domain: (Leave blank)
  • Username: Your full Google Apps email address

Everything else should already be filled out, so tap Next to continue.

Adding Google Apps account info on iPhone

If you entered your information correctly, you should now be presented with the screen where you select the services to sync. Choose what you want to sync and tap Save. As long as you turn on Mail syncing and have Push enabled on your device, you should start automatically downloading your Google Apps emails.

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More About Google Apps on iOS

There’s quite a bit of tweaking you can do to your Google Apps account inside iOS 8, including adjusting how the Trash works and even sending emails as an alias. For more on adjusting Google Apps for iOS settings, check out Google’s help page.

The ability to use Push syncing for your account is a big plus to having a Google Apps account. Starting at only $5 per month per user, getting a custom email address with your domain to use Google Apps is cheap, easy, and a great way to have all the benefits of a custom email address with the simplicity of Gmail.

Even if you don’t have a business you can use Google Apps for Work to make an email address at your domain, or add an email address from your work or school to your device.

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