Add Apps to Your iOS Wish List

A really cool feature of iOS7 is the ability to add apps your wish list. That is, you can browse apps and create a list to purchase at a later date.

Here’s how to do it.

1. Power on your iPhone or iPad.

iPad home screen.

2. Next, browse your device for apps you want to add to your wish list.

Apps home screen.

3. Once you find an app, tap the Sample app. button.

Add To Wish List icon.

4. Tap Add to Wish List.

More Info icon.

To View your Wish List, go to the Summary page of the App store and tap the More Info icon.

Edit option.

Your wish list item appears.

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To remove an item from your Wish List:

1. Tap Edit.

Wish List menu.

2. Tap the app you want to remove.

Delete option unchecked.

3. Tap Delete.

Delete option checked.

Using wish list is a great way to build an arsenal of apps you want but are not ready to purchase.

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