7 iOS 7 Calendar Tricks You’ll Love (Especially Number 1)

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The calendar in iOS 7 is definitely an improvement over the calendar in iOS 6 and earlier, but it comes with a few issues of its own. For the sake of simplicity, some features have been semi-hidden, while others have just moved.

With all this change, you might feel like your iOS 7 calendar just doesn’t work well for you. Fortunately, we’ve put together seven tricks to help you get your calendar working exactly the way you want.

1. See More Detail by Changing Orientation

This is the simplest tip in the list, but it’s the most dramatic and tends to give people that “Ah-ha!” moment when they do it for the first time.

iOS 7 Calendar detail in landscape view

Open up Calendar in any view and physically rotate your phone into landscape mode (so it’s wider than it is tall). Your calendar will turn into a week view that’s super useful and lets you easily see appointments per day.

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2. Drag and Drop Appointments

Now that you’ve got your phone in landscape calendar mode, you can reorder appointments simply by dragging and dropping them, just like you can on the desktop.

To move an appointment, just touch and hold it until it shifts a little under your finger, then drag it to its new position. This is far simpler than going in and editing an event’s details. Just drag, drop, and you’re done.

3. Turn Calendars On and Off

Some of us have quite a few calendars active on our phones. From work, to holidays, to Facebook… it can get downright confusing.

If you still want calendars on your phone but want them to go away for a little while to make viewing easier, you can turn individual calendars off without removing the account associated with them.

In any calendar view that is NOT the landscape one mentioned above, tap the Calendars item at the bottom center of the page.

iOS 7 calendar setting screen

Here you can uncheck any calendars you don’t want to see. When you want them all back again, just tap Show All Calendars.

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4. Change Calendar Color

When you view events in the iOS 7 Calendar, each calendar shows up as a different color. If the colors automatically chosen for you don’t work or you just have a favorite color you want to use, you can change the color for each one.

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In any non-landscape view, tap on Calendars at the bottom center of the window and then tap on the “i” in the circle next to the calendar whose color you want to change.

Editing calendar colors in iOS 7

Scroll down and tap on the color you want, then tap Done.

5. View Day Detail

One thing that went away with the calendar in iOS 7 was the day detail. To view events on any given day you had to change the calendar into day view, which took away your ability to switch days easily.

With iOS 7.1, day detail is back, but you have to turn it on.

At the top of the screen in month view you should see an icon made up of a small box with two lines under it. Tap on this and you’ll see the detail for the day you’ve selected under the month view.

Viewing calendar day detail in iOS 7

6. List View Mode

If you’d rather see your calendar in a never-ending list of events by day, you can do that, too.

With your calendar in month view and the day detail listed above turned OFF, tap on any day in the month view of the calendar. Once in the day view, tap on the list icon at the top of the window.

List view mode in iOS 7 Calendar

Now you’ll see all your events by day in a long, scrollable list.

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7. Swipe to View More

You might not know this, but there’s a lot of swiping you can do in the iOS 7 calendar.

First, in year view you can swipe up and down to view other years.

In month view you can scroll up and down to view other months. Tap on a day in month view to get daily detail. Here, you can swipe left and right to cycle through days.

Finally, when you turn your phone on its side and enter the five-day view you can swipe left and right to change the days currently visible.

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