The 5 Most Annoying iOS 8 Features and How to Fix Them

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When it was first released, iOS 8 met with both love and hate – something that’s far from new when it comes to iOS releases. Some “features” are more annoying than helpful, and while not all of these are new to iOS 8, all five of the nuisances listed below are in iOS 8.

With a little help you can stop these annoying iOS 8 features and get your iPhone or iPad working just how you like.

1. Keyboard Clicks

This one’s been around ever since the iPhone has existed, but people still let it bug them. When your phone is out of silent mode, you get a typewriter-like click with every letter or number you type. The novelty of this wears off pretty fast and turns into an annoyance – maybe even more for everyone around you than for you.

The fix is actually quite simple. To turn keyboard clicks off in iOS 8, just go to Settings, scroll down and tap Sounds. Next, scroll to the very bottom of this menu until you see Keyboard Clicks and turn the toggle off.

Sounds screen on iPhone

Now your keyboard will keep quiet whether your phone is in silent mode or not.

2. Stop Messages From Disappearing

Apple added a new feature to iOS 8’s Messages app to help keep audio and video messages private. The only problem: While it helps keep these private, the feature deletes all these types of media after a certain period of time.

What’s more, iOS 8 added a feature where all messages would expire after a certain period of time, making them disappear forever from your device. If you’re sending messages that you don’t want someone to find on your device, this might be a good idea. But for most of us this is just an annoyance that gets rid of messages we might need later.

To stop messages from disappearing from your device, just open Settings, scroll down to Messages and tap on it.

Settings screen on iPhone

Scroll down and tap on Keep Messages, and set this to Forever. Next, tap on Expire under Audio Messages and set this to Never. Finally, tap on Expire under Video Messages and set this to Never as well.

Now your messages will stay on your device as long as you want them to and will only disappear if you manually delete them.

Messages settings screen on iPhone

3. Remove Contacts From App Switcher

When you double-click the home button on your iOS device you’ll see the App Switcher and a pane for each app you have running. In iOS 8 you’ll also see your recent and favorite contacts floating above these windows. This seems like a great way to get to your contacts, but it’s really more a waste of space.

Favorite contacts on App Switcher on iPhone screen

To turn this off, just tap Settings and then Mail, Contacts, Calendars. Next, scroll down to the Contacts section and tap on Show In App Switcher. Turn the toggles off for Phone Favorites and Recents. Now you’ll only see apps when double-clicking your home button.

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4. Predictive Text No More

iOS 8 added to the loved and hated autocorrect by giving your device the ability to predict what you’re going to type next, ideally making it so you have to type less and making for fewer mistakes overall. In reality this feature can be more of a hindrance than a help, as it takes up valuable screen space and those of us that have had iOS devices for a while don’t think to look there to help us type.

If you want predictive text to go away, you have two options.

First, while in a typing field with the predictive text window visible, tap and hold on one of the words for a second and then swipe down. This will minimize the predictive text window, ideally turning it off. You can swipe back up on the minimized bar to bring it back.

Typing on iPhone screen showing predictive text suggestions

The second and more final way of doing this is by tapping on Settings and choosing General > Keyboards. From here, scroll down until you see the All Keyboards section and turn the toggle for Predictive to off. Now you won’t see the predictive text window whether you try to swipe up from a keyboard or not.

5. Background App Refresh

iOS 8 added to the ability for your iPhone or iPad to run apps in the background by increasing the usefulness of Background App Refresh. Now apps will ask if you want to enable the feature or not. While this is great, it’s enabled by default, so if you’re one to leave your apps open this feature can quickly drain your battery, turning the feature into a real pain.

It’s recommended that you leave Background App Refresh turned on overall, but it can help if you review what apps are refreshing in the background and turn off the ones that aren’t necessary. To review these apps, just go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh. From here you can toggle off any app that doesn’t need background refresh turned on, ideally saving you some battery life.

Background App Refresh screen on iPhone

BONUS: You can basically do the same thing to Location Services by tapping on Settings > Privacy > Location Services and disabling location services for any app that you don’t feel you need to have them on for.


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