How To Turn Off iCloud Contact Sync on your Mac

Sometimes you’ll want to turn off iCloud sync on your Mac while you edit or update your Contacts. Here’s how to do it.

A quick note: These instructions were written for OSX 10.8.3. but as long as you have iCloud on your Mac, the steps should basically be the same.

1. Open your system preferences. Click the Apple logo at the top left of the menu bar.


2. Select System Preferences.


3. Look under the “Internet & Wireless” category. Click iCloud.


4. When the iCloud panel opens, uncheck the “Contacts” box.
A warning will appear asking if you want to keep or delete your contacts.

Keep them.



5. If you like, you can turn off any other iCloud syncing services while the window is still open.

When you’re done, close the System Preferences window.

Turning iCloud Services Back On

Follow the steps as above, but this time make sure to check the appropriate boxes.

When you re-enable your contacts, you’ll get the following warning:


Click the Merge option to send your contacts back to the cloud.

This will complete the disable and re-enable of contact syncing in iCloud. Any changes will be pushed to the other devices synced with your iCloud account.

Additional Information

Still having iCloud Contacts issues? Check out this article from Apple on
troubleshooting iCloud Contacts.


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