How to Access iCloud Documents from Finder

With the release of iCloud, you no longer have to store your documents locally. You have the option of storing them in iCloud. In order to open documents from iCloud you must either log in to or choose the correct icon to view your document when you click File > Open.

iCloud icon for different document types

This can be a cumbersome way to locate documents if you’re storing hundreds of them in the cloud. Here’s a fantastic productivity tip for scanning your iCloud documents from Finder.

1. Open Finder.

2. Select Go from the menu bar.

Selecting Go from Mac menu bar

3. Press and hold down the Option key and the Library icon appears in the menu. Please watch the below video for a quick look at how to perform this action.

4. Open the Library folder and locate Mobile Documents folder. In there are the folders that store all of your iCloud documents.

Selecting Mobile Documents in Library folder

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5. After you have the Mobile Documents folder opened, place your cursor inside the search field and type any letter, then backspace. The search field now appears.

6. Select Mobile Documents and click the + sign.

Searching for Mobile Documents

7. Select the Any pulldown menu and choose Document. Your search now lists all of your iCloud documents.

List of iCloud documents

8. Click the Save button on the right-hand side and name the folder iCloud. Make sure that Add to Sidebar is selected.

Naming and saving Smart Folder

9. Click Save.

Voila! The Finder now has a quick way for you to browse your iCloud documents.

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