How to Access and Manage Your Contacts in iCloud

Apple introduced iCloud back in June 2011 and has continued to add significant improvements to the service ever since. Syncing your contacts between your Mac, iPhone, iPad and iTouch and the cloud is one if it’s primary features. The image below shows Steve Jobs unveiling iCloud and as you can see from the presentation, each of your devices pushes and pulls your data down from the cloud to keep all of your contacts in sync across all your devices.

Here’s how to manage your contacts inside iCloud.


Logging into iCloud

  • Browse to and login with your Apple ID and password.
  • Select the box Keep me Signed in to avoid logging in each and every time. 1

Managing your Contacts

After you login, you will see tiles that allow you to manage tasks in the cloud such as Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Notes and Reminders.

  • Click on Contacts to manage your contacts. You can manually delete duplicates if you see identical entries or use software such as Scrubly if you have an enormous address book.1
  • Select the duplicate contact you want to delete and hit the Delete button on your keyboard. Click Delete to delete the contact.
  • Alternatively, you can select the contact and click Edit. Next, scroll down and choose Delete Contact.

Add a New Contact

Adding a new contact in iCloud is easy and can be performed by using the following steps:

  • Click the + sign.
  • Enter the applicable Information and click Done.
  • You can change the preferences of the sort order by clicking the cog on the left-hand site and choosing Preferences.1
  • Select your options and choose Save.

Creating Groups

Creating groups is a great way to organize your contacts. Follow these steps:

  • Click the + sign and add a new group.
  • Delete a group by clicking Edit and the – sign to delete.

Adding Contacts to Groups

Now that you have created groups, it is time to add contacts to the group.

  • Highlight the Group All Contacts and click the + sign.
  • Next, Drag and Drop contacts into the appropriate groups.
  • Use the Command key to search and click multiple contacts to drag into a group. For example, select one contact and hold the Command key down. Click to add any additional contacts while continuing to hold the Command key while scrolling through your list.
  • Now just drag and drop into the applicable group.

iCloud is a powerful way for you to manage your contacts from any computer or device. Not only is it easy but any changes you make in iCloud are automatically synchronized to all of your Apple Devices.


Scrubly sign-up.
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