How to Sync Mac OS Mountain Lion with Google Contacts using CardDAV

Follow the steps below to sync your Google (Gmail) Contacts with your Mac OS X Mountain Lion Contacts application.

Important: You can’t run both CardDAV sync and iCloud sync. CardDAV only works to sync your local contacts. If you set up CardDAV sync on your Mac when you add an iCloud account, CardDAV syncing will be turned off. It’s recommended that you do not use CardDAV sync and iCloud together.

Here’s how you set up CardDAV syncing between Mac Contacts and Google Contacts:

1. Open Mac Contacts and click the Contacts Menu in the upper left-hand corner and select Preferences.

2. Select Accounts and click the + icon to add a new account.

3. In the Add Account screen, enter the following settings. You can only sync one Google account.

  • Account type: CardDAV
  • User name: (Your Gmail username)
  • Password: (Your Gmail password)
  • Server address:


4. Click the Create button.

5. Next you will be shown the Account Summary screen letting you know that your Google Contacts were found. You can also sync your Mail, Notes, Calendars & Reminders and Messages by clicking the boxes shown.

Select the additional set up options and click on the Create button.


6. Once the account is listed in’s preferences, go to the General tab and set your Google account to be the default account.


7. Your Google Contacts will now automatically two-way sync with your Mac Contacts and any other mail features (such as Calendars) that you selected in the previous step. Any new contacts you add on your Mac will sync with your Google account, and any new contacts in your Google account will sync with your Mac.


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