How to Fix Your Google Duplicate Contacts

The Problem

If you use Google Gmail for your email client, chances are you also use Google to manage your contacts. While Gmail is an amazing email client, it is VERY easy to get duplicates in your contacts list. These Google duplicate contacts can fill up your address book and make finding the right information difficult at best and impossible at its worst.

You first need to find the duplicate contacts before you can merge or delete them, but how do you find duplicate contacts easily without manually going through each one? Google gives you a free tool to help with this but it can be cumbersome and takes a good deal of interaction to make it work.

What you need is a tool that can not only automatically clean your Gmail duplicate contacts, but make the process smooth and effortless along the way.


The Downside of Having Duplicate Contacts

Having one or two duplicate contacts in your address book isn’t a big deal. But when you get more that that, things get a little weird. Errors due to these Gmail duplicate contacts will show up everywhere.

One issue is your calendar. Google Calendar as well as Outlook and Mac calendars can show synced birthdays from your contacts. If you have duplicates, your calendar gets filled with extra birthdays. This makes navigating your calendar difficult and confusing.


If you are trying to lookup directions to someone’s home or place of business and there are multiple duplicate entries for the same contact, you might select the contact with outdated information, sending you on a wild goose chase when you could have easily found the location if your contacts were cleaned up.

Another micro-time-waster is finding a phone number or email address. If your contacts sync to your phone and you try to lookup a contact quickly, which duplicate do you select? It’s a random chance you’ll pick the one that contains the contact info you’re really looking for.

There are more productivity killers here, but I think you get the idea. Google duplicate contacts have the ability to really ruin your day and
make you look unprofessional or give the impression you can’t use technology as simple as email or text messaging.

The Solution

So what do you do to fix this issue? One option is to delete all of your contacts and start again, but that’s not really a great option. You could go through each contact one by one and copy/paste the data yourself, but depending on the number of contacts and duplicate contacts you
have, this could take hours, possibly days. Your time is worth more than that.


Scrubly is here to help. Unlike the duplicate tool found in Gmail, Scrubly starts by backing up your contacts, runs the cleanup process OUTSIDE of your address book, and only after you’re happy with the results do you have Scrubly push the updates back into Gmail.

Your contacts are saved before and after the scrubbing process so you never lose a thing. You can also choose the level of interaction, and time
spent, running through the steps. Want it to automatically remove all of the duplicates it can safely match without your interaction? Done. What about those of us that are control freaks and need to be asked about every change? You’re safe here, too. You choose the level that you want Scrubly to merge duplicate contacts and it will do your bidding.


Listen, time is money, and so are your contacts. You shouldn’t play around with either. Let Scrubly do the dirty work and you’re good to go with a solid, organized address book that you can actually be proud of.


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