Send Email From a Different Address in Gmail

A great but often overlooked feature in Gmail is the ability to send emails from different email accounts. This means that you can use a single Gmail account to send and manage not only personal emails, but also your work and school accounts.

Setting this up is simple. Here’s how.

Note: For this to work, you must be the owner of the accounts you want to send email from and currently have access to them.

Finding the Settings

  • Click on the gear icon 1 in the top right corner of the Gmail window, and then click Settings.Gmail gear drop-down menu
  • Click on the Accounts tab and find the section titled Send mail as.If you’re just starting this process, the only email address listed should be your Gmail address.Gmail Accounts tab

Add Another Email Address

  • Click the link Add another email address you own.Gmail Send Mail as section
  • In the pop-up dialog box that appears, enter your name as you want it to appear in outgoing emails and the email address you want to manage.Adding another email address pop-up window

You’ll notice that the checkbox labeled Treat as an alias is checked by default.

Basically this is asking you if the email address you’re adding is going to be treated as an alias for your current email address or if you’re sending mail on someone else’s behalf.

Check out Gmail’s support article on this to make sure you choose the proper setting.

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  • Click Next Step. The next window tells you that Gmail needs to verify that you own the email account.
  • Click the Send Verification button to continue.
    Send Verification button

Finishing Up

The verification process should now be in progress. Log in to the email address you entered a few steps ago and you should see a verification email from the Gmail Team.

There are two ways to complete this verification process:

  • Click the verification link in the message, OR
  • Copy and paste the confirmation code from the message into the waiting window.

Entering confirmation code

If you clicked the verification link in the email, you can just close the window. If you chose the confirmation code route, click Verify.

Either action will take you to the Accounts tab in Gmail Settings again. You should now see the new email address listed under the Send Mail as section.

New email address added in Send Mail as section

Before you close out of this screen, there’s one more important setting to pay attention to.

There are two radio buttons under When replying to a message. By default, the second one is selected. If you want to reply to emails sent to the email addresses this account is now managing from the same address they were sent to instead of having all replies coming from the default email address, click the first radio button. Otherwise, leave this alone.

For more information on what these settings mean, check out Gmail’s support article.


You’re all set! Now when you send a new email you can choose which account you want to be the sender. When you’re in a new compose window, click the From field and you should get a drop-down listing all the email addresses this account is managing.

Drop-down menu in From field

You can add as many accounts as you want. Remember that they don’t have to be only Gmail addresses. You can add just about any account you own and have Gmail send and receive for you. If you got stuck at any step you can view Google’s support article.

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