How To Forward iCloud Email to Gmail

Graphic: Forwarding email from iCloud to Gmail.

Maybe you stopped using the iPhone and moved to Android. Maybe you’ve had an iCloud account since it was a .Mac account and just never moved because it was too hard. Whatever the case, there are a lot of reasons you might be making the jump out of iCloud.

Fortunately, it’s easy to forward those emails so you have one less account to worry about.

You’ll want to take a few simple steps in your iCloud account. Afterward, you can take a few optional steps in your Gmail account to make your forwarded mail stand out.

Here’s how.

Steps to Take in Your iCloud Email Account

1. Log in to

2. Click on the Mail icon.

iCloud login menu.

3. Select the Settings button (the gear icon) in the bottom left corner.

Closeup of the gear icon.

4. When you click the gear icon, select Rules… from the list.

5. Once in the Rules screen click Add a Rule… to open the rules addition pane.

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In this pane, add the following information:

  • Box 1: Select “is addressed to” from the drop-down menu.
  • Box 2: Enter your iCloud, MobileMe, or .Mac email address.
  • Box 3: Select “Forward to” from the drop-down menu.
  • Box 4: Enter the email address you want these emails going to. E.g., “”

When complete the rule should look like this:

Closeup of the rules menu.

6. Click Done.

If you’ve been with Apple for a while and transitioned from .Mac to MobileMe to iCloud, you probably have a few email addresses that all go to the same inbox. If this is the case, make sure you add a rule for each of those addresses.

If you’ve had all three, you’d need three rules one for each of these addresses:


Steps to Take in Gmail

Once the rules are in place, all emails to your iCloud inbox will be forwarded over to Gmail. You can turn iCloud email off in your mail client now, or leave it on in case you want to send something from it.

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You’re almost done, but there are a few tricks to cover in Gmail to make sure you’re seeing these messages correctly.

Create a label. You can make sure you see your forwarded messages by adding a filter in Gmail that assigns a specific label to them. (This isn’t required, but might help your forwarded emails stand out a little more clearly.)

  • Log in to your Gmail account and click on Settings. (Once again, it’s the gear icon, but this time it’s in the top right corner).
  • Once on the Settings screen, click on the Labels section and scroll to the bottom. Under Labels, click Create new label.
    View of the Create New Label button.
  • Name the new label “iCloud Email” and click Create.

Assign the label using a filter.

  • Click the Filters header and then select Create a new filter at the bottom of the list.
    View of the filters menu.
  • Under the “To” field, enter your iCloud email address. Just like above, you’ll need to do this for each iteration of your Apple email address you’ve had over the years.
  • Click Create filter with this search.View of the filters dialogue box.
  • In the next screen, check the box next to “Apply the label” and select the iCloud Email label you created a few steps ago.
  • Click the Create filter button.
    View of the menu that allows you to apply a label to a filter.

Now, when you get an iCloud email not only will it be forwarded to your Gmail account, but also you’ll see a label attached to it so you know where it came from.

Depending on the number of emails you have coming over, you can even add a tab to the top of Gmail for this label.

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