Export Your Facebook Contacts to Gmail

Facebook has tightened up many of its privacy protocols, so email addresses and phone numbers will not actually transfer over from Facebook (you’ll have to enter that information manually). But other information — like names and birth dates — will transfer.

Fortunately, exporting Facebook contacts to Gmail is a relatively simple process — when you use the right tool. The best one is called Friends to Gmail and Google+.

(FYI: Scrubly has no business relationship with or promotional interest in Friends to Gmail and Google+. We just think it’s a great tool.)

Here are the steps.

1. Go to http://www.friendstogmail.com and download the app.

2. Click the Connect with Facebook button.

Connect with Facebook button on Friends to Gmail and Google+

3. Click Load Friends.

Load Friends button on Friends to Gmail and Google+

4. You’ll get the odd-looking screen below. What it does is prepare the file to be transferred to a Gmail-compatible CSV (comma-separated values) file.

Info prepared for CSV file on Friends to Gmail and Google+

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Save the content in any notebook program (e.g., Notepad or TextEdit) to capture the text info.

Copying text from Friends to Gmail and Google+

When you name the file, add the “.csv” suffix.

Saving file as CSV

5. Open Gmail.

6. Click the “Gmail” link at the upper-left corner of the page and select Contacts from the drop-down.

7. Click Import Contacts … in the left navigation pane. The “Import contacts” dialog box will appear.

Import Contacts dialog box in Gmail

8. Browse to the CSV file you just created and click Import.

Gmail will then take the CSV file and import all the pertinent information you extracted from Facebook, including birthdays, city of residence, work details, etc.

9. Check your Google contacts once more to verify the new contacts.

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