Remember Social Media Moments With IFTTT and Evernote

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“The unexamined life is not worth living.”
-- Socrates

Social media timelines are glimpses into the world of your friends and followers that are gone as quickly as they appear. But sometimes there are conversations and other significant moments that are worth saving.

Platforms like Facebook and Twitter offer little in the way of saving these bits of time for you. But with Evernote and Web service If This Then That (IFTTT), you can build a collection of your favorite social media moments, search them, and save them forever.

Let’s take a look at how to do this with Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


Twitter and Evernote logos

Twitter is meant to be a quick and nimble social media platform. That’s great, but it also sometimes makes it hard to keep up with all the tweets flying back and forth.

Twitter does offer a way to tell someone you liked their tweet while saving it in a list of starred tweets. It’s this starring system we’re going to use for the first method of saving social media moments.

Once you have an IFTTT account and you’re all set up with the service, you’ll need to activate the Twitter and Evernote channels by entering your login information.

Save Starred Tweets: When the channels are active, you don’t even need to build the recipe yourself. Just click this link and turn the recipe on. This will save each new starred tweet as a new note in your Evernote account. Now you can search for the contents and always find them, or scroll back and remember some pretty great moments.

IFTTT Recipe: Starred tweet saves to Evernote Notebook as new note.

New Tweet by You: This recipe will save all the tweets you post yourself into an Evernote notebook, including @ replies. Click this link to get the recipe and change any part of it you like.

IFTTT Recipe: New tweet or reply saves to a note in Evernote

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Facebook and Evernote logos

Facebook is better at keeping messages for the long haul than Twitter is, but it’s still easy for memories to get lost in the mix. While there aren’t any ways to save messages you “Like” on Facebook, you can archive all your different post types pretty easily.

Make sure your Facebook channel is turned on before you continue.

Save Your Status: When you post new messages on Facebook, they’re called status updates. You can save your status updates to an Evernote archive by using this recipe.

IFTTT Recipe: Save Facebook status messages to Evernote in a running diary log

Save Tagged Photos: Facebook allows friends and family to tag you in photos they take so you can easily find them. You can automatically save these images to Evernote by using this recipe. This way, if the person who tagged you ever leaves Facebook, you still have the pictures you’re in.

IFTTT Recipe: Copy tagged photo to Evernote


Instagram and Evernote logos

Teenagers and large corporations alike use this image-sharing service for everything from filter-heavy pictures of every meal up to high-quality and engaging images from events and advertising programs.

Photo Archive: Just like with Twitter and Facebook, you can use IFTTT to save every new image you post to Instagram into an Evernote archive. Just use this recipe.

IFTTT Recipe: Archive your Instagram photos in Evernote

Save Liked Photos: You can save any image you “Like” on Instagram to Evernote, giving you the ability to remember images and ideas that the photo posts may have given you. Think of it as an inspiration journal for photographers. To do this, use this recipe.

IFTTT Recipe: Liked Instagram photo is saved in Evernote

There are many more ways to use IFTTT and Evernote to preserve your digital life, so explore the service and come up with your own. Start saving those moments that mean something to you now, before they’re lost forever.

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