How to Email Into Evernote to Kick Your Inbox’s Tail

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Evernote is one of those tools that are so powerful that most people miss some of the best features just because there’s so much to take in. One of these features has to do with something we all have to deal with that takes up quite a bit of our workday: email.

Evernote has the ability to accept emails that you send to your own Evernote email address and add the contents of those emails to a notebook of your choosing.

Emailing into Evernote can help you achieve inbox zero, archive important messages for later, or even make it easier to get links and other information into your Evernote account for posterity.

Interested? Here’s how to use email to get important information into Evernote.

Why Email Into Evernote?

If you’ve searched your old emails before, you know it can be pretty painful to find that one piece of information you’re looking for. Sure, it’ll pull up the email you need – along with a hundred others that are similar or in the same email chain.

Searching inside of Evernote, on the other hand, is simple and powerful. Forward important emails like shipping information, travel itineraries, and lists to your Evernote email address and they’ll magically show up inside Evernote.

You can also use filters and rules in your email client to automatically forward specific emails to Evernote without your ever having to know it happened. As you’ll see, emailing Evernote is a pretty big deal. Here’s how it works.

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Your Evernote Email Address

When you sign up for an account with Evernote, you’re automatically given an email address that’s linked to your account. You can find it when logged into your Evernote account at by clicking on the Menu link in the upper right corner and selecting Sign in. homepage showing Menu

Click on the down arrow next to your name in the upper right corner, and select Account Settings.

Selecting Account Settings in Evernote

On the Account Summary page, scroll down until you see “Email Notes to.” This is your email address. Any emails sent to this address will automatically go into your Evernote as a new note.
Evernote Account Summary page

If you’re a premium member you can start a support ticket and get the email address changed from the random letters and numbers after your username to simply

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Tags, Notebooks and Reminders

While any message you send to your Evernote email address will show up in your account, these will be loose notes that will go into your default notebook. Since the goal here is to be organized, this just won’t do.

Luckily, Evernote knows this and makes it possible for you to send these emails to their proper place, and even assign the correct tags to them. Heck, you can even set a reminder as you send the email out!

First, the Subject Line: The subject line of your email will be the name of the note, so make sure you word it the way you want it to show up in Evernote. Remove things like “Re:” and “FWD:” and other extraneous junk from the subject line before sending. Now you can start adding in the goodies.

Don’t Forget About Reminders: You can set a reminder for any given day by using the exclamation point and following it up with plain English, such as !tomorrow or !Friday. If it’s a few days out, it’s probably best to set this as the date. Make sure to use the format yyyy/mm/dd. So a reminder for June 1, 2014 would be !2014/06/01.

Next, Choose a Notebook: You can quickly send any email into a specific notebook by typing @Notebook Name after the subject line/note name. Just replace Notebook Name with the name of your notebook, and you’re all set.

Star Wars stormtrooper figure with smiley face tag
No Itchy Tags Here: Unlike that tag in the back of your shirt, tags in Evernote are pretty great. They allow you to filter your search results to find exactly what you’re looking for. To assign a tag as you’re sending an email into Evernote, just type #Tag Name and the corresponding note will be tagged. Replace Tag Name with whatever tag you want.

Order Matters: Make sure to use the modifiers above in the order they’re listed. Put a space between each one. You don’t need to use them all every time, but don’t get them out of order or things won’t work as expected.

The order would be this: [Note title] ![reminder date] @[notebook] #[tag]

Here’s an example:

  • Meeting with Bob !tomorrow @Daily to do #meetings

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Making It All Work

From decluttering your inbox to filing daily to-do lists and status updates, emailing into Evernote is pretty amazing. We’ve mentioned some basic uses here, but if you think about it, you can get pretty creative with this tool.

For example…

  • Try forwarding all your online receipts into an Evernote notebook for safekeeping. Now when you search for them, you won’t get all those bulk emails cluttering your results.
  • As you sign up for new accounts, forward the confirmation emails into another notebook. Now you have the email address you signed up with, along with your username saved where you can actually find it.

Have a use for emailing into Evernote we didn’t mention? Drop it in the comments below and maybe you’ll inspire someone else to get a little more organized.

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