Achieve Ultimate Home Organization With Evernote

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Storing your belongings away is one thing, but being able to find those things again without pretending to be Indiana Jones exploring an ancient temple is something else altogether.

We’ve already covered how to organize your email and your life as a whole with Evernote, but there is a very specific way to use the note-taking app to organize your house and actually find the things you need.

Here’s how to do it. You’re gonna love this.

Get Your Supplies

Old storage boxes

Before we get started with Evernote, you’ll need a few supplies:

  • Storage boxes (ideally, small to large plastic totes)
  • Sharpie
  • Masking tape (if you don’t want to write on the totes themselves)

The basic idea of this system is easy. Numbers the boxes, fill them with stuff, and record it all in Evernote. Each box gets a new number that matches up with the notes you’re going to make in Evernote.

Once everything is in Evernote you search there for the item you’re looking for, see where it is, and go get it. Simple.

It’s recommended that you use good, sturdy boxes for this process so you can get into them easily on a regular basis.

Set Up Evernote

Evernote elephant logo and graphic

  • In Evernote, make a new Notebook named “Storage.”
  • Create a new note in this notebook for each box you have. You don’t need to make them just yet, but start with note #1 and name it “Storage-1.” You could just name it “Box 1” or “1,” but that could be confusing later.

Now that the basics are set up in Evernote, start inputting the things you have.

Inventory Everything

Listing items in Evernote interface

    • Take the first box and write a big “1” on every side, including the top. The number needs to be easily seen no matter how you stack it. The process isn’t worth it if you still need to hunt for the right box.
    • Empty the box out entirely onto the floor and place items back into the box one at a time, entering each item in the “Storage-1” note you just created. The order of the items doesn’t matter and you don’t need to bullet or number the list. Give each item its own line.

This list doesn’t need to look pretty, as this will probably be the last time you view the list in its entirety. You’re just listing items here so they are associated with box #1 when you search for them.

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  • Once you’re finished inventorying everything and the box is filled back up, you can set it aside.
  • Before moving on to box #2, add a few tags to the note that will help you later. These can include the style or color of the box. This is more helpful when you only have two or three different styles of boxes.
  • Make a new note for each box and repeat the process.

This will take some time, but when you’re done you will have everything that was previously stored away and forgotten about organized and at your fingertips, just like files on your computer.

Clear the Clutter

Man sitting at cluttered desk

This is a great time to clear some clutter from your house. As you go through the boxes, take anything you know you don’t need and place it in a pile.

When you’re done cataloging your boxes, go through this pile and split it into two separate piles. The first is for items that are worth donating and the second is for items that are trash.

Trash the items in pile #2. Bag up the items in pile #1 and take the bag to your local donation center.

One big step toward being more organized is having fewer things you need to organize. Use this time to get rid of those old Windows 95 manuals and 56k modems that you kept “just in case.”

Now, doesn’t that feel better?

The Result

To use the system once it’s in place, type the thing you’re looking for into Evernote’s search bar and the note containing it will come up. Now instead of looking through multiple drawers, under beds, and through multiple boxes, you know exactly where to find that one item you need.

If you share a house with roommates or a significant other, this system is even better because you can share the notebook you just created with them. Now they can search Evernote to find what they’re looking for instead of asking you. If you have a Pro account with Evernote, you can even allow other people to edit your notes so they can add or remove items as they are moved.

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