Check Out These 7 Creative Ways to Use Evernote

Leather notebook with Evernote stickers

It’s no secret that we’re huge fans of Evernote, and even with using it daily there’s still a lot that we don’t know about the note-syncing service. From home organization to keeping serial numbers close at hand, if you’re looking to get organized, Evernote is here to help.

Here are some of the more interesting ways to use Evernote we’ve found from across the Web. Check them out and see if you can’t get more from your Evernote.

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Receipt Tracking

Few of us are good at saving receipts. Keeping track of paper in an increasingly digital world is becoming harder and harder. With Evernote, though, you can take a picture of your receipt and save it in a notebook especially for receipts.

Tag the note with the store name so you can always find receipts from a given store all at once. If you have an Evernote Premium account, you even get character recognition, so the receipt should be searchable, too!

Serial and Model Numbers

It never fails: You get to the repair shop to buy a part for your lawnmower or computer, only to find you’ve completely forgotten to bring the model or serial number. Now you have to guess or go back home to get the information you need.

Photo of model number and serial number plate on a Craftsman tool

You can use Evernote to save your serial and model numbers along with a photo of the item so you’re always prepared. Take a picture of the model/serial number plate and any other important parts of the item, and next time you need it you can just pull up the note.

Home Organization

One of the more interesting ways to use Evernote involves organizing your entire home. There are a few steps involved, but basically you make a note for every container in your house and list the contents of said container in each note.

We wrote up the details for this creative use for Evernote in a separate post, which you can find here. You can expand this to what’s in your desk, car, and even at your office. Now you just need to search for the item you’re looking for and Evernote will tell you where it is.

Printer Cartridges

Just like with model and serial numbers, the odds of remembering what printer cartridges you use are next to zero. Sure, you could bring the empty cartridge to the store with you each time, but what if you happen across a sale that you don’t want to pass up?

Photo of HP printer cartridges

Take a photo of each printer cartridge you use, as well as your printer, and add them to a note with the model numbers of each item, printer included. Now, just search for “printer” and you’ll get them wherever you are.

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Email Newsletters

Receiving email newsletters is tricky. While they often have information we’re interested in, they can easily be overlooked while we’re trying to handle the flood of other emails that come in every day.

Instead of signing up and having these emails sent to your inbox, why not have them sent to Evernote? Just use your Evernote email address when signing up for mailing lists. The entire message will be sent straight to Evernote, where you can read it when you have time.

Clip Full Web Pages

There was a time when bookmarking websites was a great way to remember them for later. With the volume of websites today and the constant updating that they each receive, it can be difficult to remember them or ever use them again as intended.

By using the Evernote plugin for your desktop browser you can clip pieces or entire Web pages with the click of a button. Now you can make a notebook for buying a new car and clip Web pages of the cars you’re looking at. If you’re researching a writing project, start a notebook for it and clip research pages into it for later. Now instead of clicking through a list of bookmarks you can easily view information side by side in Evernote.

Medical Records

Keeping track of your medical information can be tricky. While doctors tend to keep the actual records, it’s a good idea for you to keep a doctor’s information like name, address, phone number, hours, and what you see them for in a note. You can even take a picture of the building each doctor is in to help you remember where to go for doctors you don’t see so often.

Big stack of envelopes and papers

You can also keep a running list of medications and allergies in another note. This makes it easier to fill out a medical form. You can even print the note before leaving the house and attach that to the medical sheet, too. With Evernote’s notebook-sharing feature, you can share medical notebooks with loved ones or significant others so they always have your latest medical information in case of emergency.

Evernote is a superbly secure system, so don’t hesitate to keep this type of information in it. You can password-protect the desktop app, the website, and the mobile app, making it as secure as any other place you save information. By keeping your medical records and information close at hand, you’re always ready to tell medical professionals what you need.


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