3 Great New Features to Use in Evernote on iOS 8

iOS 8 and Evernote logos with plus sign between them

With the release of iOS 8, all your favorite apps are releasing updates so they can take full advantage of the features Apple’s latest mobile OS has to offer. With new capabilities for Lock Screen Access, clipping from websites on the iPhone and iPad, and Touch ID integration, there’s a lot that an app can utilize now.

One of our favorite productivity apps, Evernote, was among the first to receive an update to take advantage of iOS 8’s new capabilities. Check out the new features below and get the most out of Evernote on iOS 8.

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Clip From the Web and Apps

One huge feature missing from previous iterations of iOS was the ability for apps to talk to one another. This meant that there was no way to easily take information from Web pages in Safari or other apps and place it directly into Evernote. While you could email the information in, there was no simple plug-and-play method.

Thanks to iOS 8, now you can do all this and more.

First, to clip and save websites to your Evernote, just open Safari on your iPhone or iPad and click the Sharing icon in the bottom toolbar. In the top section where you see Facebook and Twitter, scroll to the right and tap on More. Here, make sure Evernote is turned ON and tap Done.

Activities screen on iPhone with Evernote toggle turned on

Now you can just tap on Evernote any time you want to share a Web page from Safari and you’ll easily save it to whatever notebook you want.

You can save from more than just websites. Any app that allows for sharing will show the same menu you just added Evernote to, so now you can save images, PDFs and other documents, and anything else that’s sharable inside of iOS 8.

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Touch ID Lock

Since the release of the iPhone 5s, Touch ID has been one of the coolest features available on the device. With the launch of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, as well as iOS 8, the Touch ID scanner is more useful than ever.

Photo of iPhone with Touch ID for Evernote prompt on screen

You can now use the Touch ID scanner to keep your Evernote safe without the need for a password or PIN to remember. Thanks to the interoperability added to iOS 8, any device with the Touch ID scanner can now protect Evernote with a touch of your finger. How cool is that?

Evernote in the Notification Center

Evernote is great for taking notes, but sometimes it can be a pain to make a short note or to save an image to a note quickly. First you have to find the app, then you have to open it, tap on New Note, and finally you’re going.

To help make this easier, Evernote on iOS 8 can now utilize the Today screen in Notification Center.

To turn this on, just bring your device to the Home screen and swipe down from the top. Tap on Today and scroll to the bottom of the list to click on Edit.

Here, tap on the green + icon next to Evernote and drag it into the order you want, then tap on Done to finish up. Now you can easily access Evernote with a swipe and a tap no matter where the app icon lives on your device.

Evernote access on iPhone Notification Center screen


The only negative review anyone has about Evernote is the ease of use and the learning curve required to use the app. But with updates like these, those barriers are quickly being taken down and Evernote on iOS 8 is easier and more intuitive to use.

Evernote isn’t the only app to offer new features and integrations like the ones listed above. Make sure to check out what your other apps can do in iOS 8, because there’s a lot of great stuff hiding just under the surface.

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