Yesware Puts the Magic Into Email Tracking

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There’s a famous line from a Jean-Paul Sartre play: “Hell is other people.” Sartre never knew about email, but his quote still rings true when it comes to email tracking.

This doesn’t mean other people are bad. But without tracking emails and seeing what people do with them, you’re left fearing the worst and assuming nobody read your message. Your sales and marketing emails basically drop into the void, and you only hear back from the people that are excited and extra-interested in your message. What about the rest of them?

You no longer have to sit and wonder. With Yesware you can take the “hell” out of “other people” by getting a much better idea of how your recipients interact with your message.

Read on to find out more about how Yesware turns you into a master of email tracking, and check the end of the post for a special two-month free trial offer.

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This app runs with Gmail as well as Outlook to let you track individual emails, create custom email templates, bulk email via mail merge, and even sync with CRM. All of this, along with the native analytics feature, gives you a toolbox for email that’s hard to beat.

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Getting Started

Getting started with Yesware is simple. You can sign up for a free account at There are some limitations to the free version, but we’ll get to that in a bit. The link above will get you going with a special two-month free trial of Yesware so you can try all the features we look at below.

Before you start, it’s a very good idea to get your address book fully updated, as the mail merge feature is great, but it’s only as good as the data you feed into it. Scrubly can help you get your duplicate contacts removed and data updated so your emails get sent without a hitch. Once your address book is up to snuff, you can check out your new Yesware account and kick the tires.

Yesware Email Tracking

At the most basic level, Yesware allows you to see when an email is opened on a per-recipient basis. Instead of just seeing overall metrics on opens and clicks, Yesware tells you each person that opens your email and any actions taken. Just check the Track box, and your email gets tracked from start to finish. Simple.

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Along with this basic feature, Yesware allows you to send emails later. In other words, write your email when it’s best for you and schedule it to be sent when it’s best for your customer.

Scheduling an email in Yesware

Next, along with tracking you also get some pretty nice features to help you remember to follow up.

For example, you can tell Yesware to remind you in a set period of time to follow up if an email hasn’t been opened. So Yesware actually helps you in case someone deletes your message by mistake, and also makes sure you don’t bother someone that already opened your message.

Message reminder window in Yesware

For more specifics on setting up tracking, check out Yesware’s help documentation on tracking.

Duplicate contacts killing your productivity? See how Scrubly can help in this 100-second video.

Email Templates

If you’re still reading this, then you’re probably as excited as we are about this software. Another thing to be excited about is the email templates built into Yesware.

These allow you to create personal, customized messages for each step of a sales process. Let’s say you have five emails that get sent throughout the sales process:

1. Cold Call
2. More Information
3. Follow-up about Information
4. Final Sale Call
5. Follow-up on sale

You can set up a template for each, so the time spent formatting the email how you want is taken care of once and used for all. Thanks to Yesware’s Placeholders, you can easily update important fields and never forget to remove stock data before sending. A single click is all it takes to update the fields, and just like that you’re ready to hit Send.

For more on email templates with Yesware, check out this page.

Analytics and Reports

If reports are your thing, then Yesware is even better. You can see detailed analytics based on not only an individual but an entire team. You get daily tracking as well as tracking for the past 30 days. You can filter, sort and search your entire tracking history to get the history down to the level of individual prospects.

Yesware tracking report

You also get an activity report that shows you how you’ve been sending emails and what activity they’ve received. In short, you get as much data as possible to help you make better decisions.

Best of all, you can even see detailed stats on your different email templates. This is perfect for A/B testing and seeing what works best without even setting up a testing scenario.

For even more on reporting with Yesware, check out its reporting page.

Everything Else

Yesware works seamlessly with Gmail and Outlook, but the Gmail version offers a few more features. Yesware integrates perfectly with Salesforce as well as other CRM software packages to help you stay in tune with your customers and their activity.

There’s even a mobile app for iOS that lets you use Yesware wherever you are. Yesware is a big deal for anyone that lives and dies in their inbox. With Yesware you can work better, get more done in less time, and be more precise in your messages and follow-ups. Just like Scrubly, Yesware is all about saving you time and making you more efficient. Together, they’re your 1-2 punch of productivity and contact/email management.

Try Yesware for Yourself

So, ready to try out Yesware for yourself? Just click through to this link to get started with Yesware and get two months of Yesware Enterprise for free. That’s two whole months to send emails and receive feedback on what your recipients are doing with those messages. After those two months you can choose to stick with one of Yesware’s plans, or go back to guessing when and if people read your emails. The choice is yours to make.

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