5 Ways to Use Your Chromecast to Stay Productive

Chromecast USB device

In 2013, Google released Chromecast to much fanfare. The device gives users an affordable way to stream their favorite content to their television without having to deal with too much setup. While many have grown to love their Chromecast for watching Netflix, Hulu and HBO, home users aren’t the only ones who have gotten in on the act.

If you’re a professional on the go, Chromecast is a great thing to have on hand at all times to keep you productive. Here are some of our favorite ways to use Chromecast to stay on top of your game.

Run meetings with Chromecast

Presenters at all levels have run into issues with cables being incompatible or, even worse, unavailable. We’ve all worried about whether or not we’ll be able to give a huge presentation, for one simple reason: those pesky cables.

Enter the Chromecast.

While users have typically not used the device’s tab casting feature to watch videos on their televisions, Chromecast does give professionals a nearly fail-safe option for ensuring their presentations go on without a hitch. The added bonus is that if your team has multiple presenters, all they’ll need to do is install the Google Cast extension and “cast” whichever tab they’d like to present. For you, the added benefit is peace of mind, knowing that the only cable you’ll ever need to pack is the USB power cable that comes with your Chromecast.

Use Chromecast for slideshow presentations

Gone are the days when PowerPoint was your only option for digital slideshows. Professionals have tools like iCloud.com, Office.com and even up-and-comer Prezi to use for even the biggest presentations. While many of these new options are not necessarily easy to export, Chromecast eliminates a lot of this anxiety.

Office meeting with presenter using a slideshow

If you’re already using these new options for your biggest presentations, you can simply “cast” these slideshows directly from Chrome using the Google Cast extension. You can also add YouTube videos and Google Docs content to your presentations more easily.

Both of these apps are compatible with the Google Cast extension, making it easy to blast any document or video you’d like by simply tapping the Cast button in each respective app.

Make your meetings more interactive

Let’s face it: Meetings can be boring, especially when one person is just talking at the rest of the group. The most productive teams behave just like that: a team. When teams are functioning well, each member has an idea or opinion they’d like to share with everyone else. Unfortunately for the typical meeting style, team members are usually constrained to either a whiteboard or pen and paper to illustrate their thoughts.

Chromecast allows any user connected to the same wireless network to cast a tab. In other words, anyone attending your meeting who’d like to share a tab can do so, as long as they have the Google Cast extension installed on their device.

Screen showing Chromecast display location options on a slideshow monitor

While this might irritate the home user who’s constantly having their favorite videos interrupted, this comes as a huge benefit to professionals.

Teams who have adopted Chromecast as a regular part of their meetings are finding that more members are engaged and able to speak their minds, supporting findings and ideas by casting tabs to the television in the room. Chromecast makes meetings far more engaging and fun for all types of professionals.

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Connect your computer to a second display

The tab-casting feature is admittedly not intended for heavy video or gaming use. However, if you’re looking for a wireless way to connect a second monitor, Chromecast is an interesting option.

Desktop computer with dual monitors

For many professionals, a secondary monitor is dedicated to either a calendar or email, so they can use the primary monitor for more labor-intensive tasks. For these purposes, Chromecast is a great option for connecting a second monitor.

While it might not be the smoothest experience, more and more professionals are turning to Chromecast to take advantage of a television that might just be sitting around the office. This is also a great option if you work at home, as a secondary monitor can be expensive.

Unwind with Chromecast

It might be cliché, but the adage is still true: To ensure your entire team is as productive as possible, it’s important to make sure they get a chance to unwind every so often.

Chromecast store display with product boxes

It’s no secret that Chromecast is an easy-to-install option for streaming Netflix, Hulu, HBO and other content to any television. What many people aren’t aware of is the array of games that are available to Chromecast users.

You can play titles such as Monopoly, Connect Four and Scrabble on Chromecast. Anyone in your office with a mobile device can install the Chromecast app and play games right from their phone or tablet. Not only are these games a great way to unwind, but many of them require a bit of thought – which is a sneaky way to keep everyone’s brains in tip-top shape.

Final thoughts

Chromecast is a powerful little device, and at its current price it’s tough to beat. Many users will stick to using Chromecast strictly to stream video, but there are so many possibilities that will help you stay productive, even when you think you’ve hit a wall.

How have you used your Chromecast? Are you using it just to watch videos, or are you using it in ways we haven’t mentioned here? Let us know below how you’re using your Chromecast at home or at work!

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