You Don’t Have to Be a Geek to Easily Remove Duplicate Contacts

Duplicate contacts are a real pain. They split your information across multiple contacts making it a hassle to get to the contact information you are looking for. You click on someone’s name in your address book to call and you get a Twitter name. You try to send an email from your computer and the contact you choose only has a phone number. What a mess.


The Problem

You probably heard of some services out there that help automatically remove contacts but you’re worried they are too complicated to use. If this is you, you are partially correct. Many of the services out there require you to be a master of your computer to correctly use them. With hidden settings and hard to understand steps, cleaning your contacts can be more of a pain than just dealing with the duplicates!

Many of us just don’t have the time to learn a new piece of software or a new service. We just need something that works without taking a few lessons on how it works.

The Effects

All these extra duplicate contacts in your phone could cause you to search for a service to fix them, or if you use Google contacts, you might try using their tool to fix your duplicates.

Choosing the wrong service could be devastating as many services do not offer a backup, forcing you, the user, to know how to back up your information before running the tool. Sometimes learning that new feature is just too complicated for the time you have, so you skip the backup process and after the tool runs, your contacts are gone thanks to a software glitch!

The Solution

The solution might be to just give up and deal with duplicate contacts, but luckily I have a better way. Enter Scrubly, the online duplicate contact tool built to be safe and easy. Scrubly was built with the casual computer user in mind. We made Scrubly to work with the major email clients out there, including Gmail, Google Apps, Windows Outlook, and Apple’s Mail program. Scrubly is by far the easiest and safest duplicate contact remover available today.

Scrubly finds duplicate contacts with ease, allowing you to remove duplicate contacts safely and effectively while also updating contacts with your friend’s social media data from Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

The beauty behind Scrubly’s ability to merge duplicate contacts is in its simplicity. Every step is documented in step-by-step direction and videos, and with the on-screen instructions, even the most novice computer user can easily and safely walk through scrubbing his or her contacts.


Scrubly automatically backs up your contacts before and after the scrubbing process, making removing duplicate contacts as safe as possible. When you use Scrubly to remove duplicate contacts as well as merge duplicate contacts, the work is done on the server and approved by you before a single change is done to your computer or address book. If you find out next week that you made a terrible mistake, just go back to Scrubly and restore your contacts to their original state before you ran the service.

Learning new computer software and services can be tough and time-consuming. Worse yet, if you do something wrong, you could destroy your data. Scrubly is simple, safe, and easy to run even for the biggest “non-geek” out there. While there are advanced features for power users, if you just need a quick, simple, and safe way to remove duplicate contacts quickly without a lot of computer know-how, Scrubly is the thing for you.


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