What Everyone Ought To Know About Removing Duplicate Contacts

The Problem

You might think that duplicate contacts are just a way of life. Personally, I sync my contacts with Outlook, Gmail, Mac Contacts, iPhone, and iPad. These devices then sync with Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, making things pretty complex when you get down to it.

All this syncing contacts tends to cause duplicate contacts to be created. All it takes is someone using his or her middle name on Facebook when you have them in your address book without it and BAM! a duplicate contact is created.

The problem we’re talking about here is how to remove duplicate contacts from your address book and your life. Luckily, the solution to removing duplicate contacts is easier than you may think, and with a few clicks you can find and merge duplicate contacts, saving your sanity and contacts list.

The Effects

The effects of duplicate contacts are pretty widespread. Using integrated devices like new automobile infotainment systems, Phone GPS systems, and mobile email can leave you high and dry when you choose the wrong duplicate contact.

Worse yet, if you hand your phone to someone to use, they are even more likely to make a mistake and use the wrong contact in a list of duplicates.


This can slow you down not only in your personal life, but in professional situations as well. More than once I’ve tried to find a contact in my phone to give a colleague or manager only to send the wrong one. This is not only a waste of time, but it makes you look unprofessional.

Obviously the need to remove duplicate contacts is there, but how do you do it? Go through one by one and copy/paste the information into one
contact? This could literally take hours. Not a real solution when you look at the big picture.

The Solution

There is a better solution than going through your contact list and manually merging duplicate contacts over and over again. If all seems lost in a sea of duplicate contacts, consider Scrubly as not only a life preserver, but a Coast Guard Cutter there to save you.

Scrubly can easily and safely find duplicate contacts and intelligently delete duplicates and merge matching contacts in a variety of ways you
choose. The end goal here of course is remove your duplicate contacts, but you need to be careful when working with the critical information in
your address book. Scrubly knows this and employs a bevy of safeguards that makes removing duplicate contacts not only easy, but also safe.

Scrubly backs up your contact list before AND after running the duplicate contact tool, your contacts are safe, even if you have an issue outside of Scrubly and need a backup. Listen, duplicates are a matter of life with the technology we use today. Scrubly is there to find duplicate contacts and make short work of them.


Scrubly works with Google’s Gmail as well as Google Apps, Windows Outlook, and even Mac Address Book (Contacts). It really is a one-stop
shop that even works with syncing services like iCloud. If you need to remove duplicate contacts, Scrubly is your best friend.


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