The Easy Way To Fix Mac Duplicate Contacts

The Mac address book (now called Contacts) in Apple’s OS X is one of the most advanced contact management systems out there, and best of all, it comes for free with the operating system. You can adjust Mac Contacts to show the exact information you want and hide what you don’t.

With all this power, however, comes the possibility for duplicate contacts. Once you grow your contact list to cover all your friends, family, coworkers, and social media accounts, duplicates are bound to happen.


The Problem

Once you start adding social media and syncing services into your Mac Contacts, the duplicates will start appearing. Maybe you have one contact for your friend with their personal email address, and another with their work email and phone number.

Maybe you have one contact for your mother with her birthday, and another that holds her home address. That means to send her a birthday card you need to open two contact listings. This isn’t just a pain; it’s a sure-fire way to lose information.


The Effects

Let’s say you try to manually find duplicate contacts in your Mac Contacts. You see two listings for your mother and delete one of them. Little did you know that both didn’t have the same information in them. Or worse yet, one might have all the information and the other is just a name. In one press of the delete key, you could remove all her contact information.

The effects of Mac duplicate contacts go deeper than this, too. With tight integration with iCal, Mac’s calendar app, you could possibly show multiple birthday listings for one person, filling up your calendar and making you miss important events. The duplicate data could easily hide important, useful information.

You need to remove duplicate contacts and have a nice, tidy address book without any Mac duplicate contacts. The question is how.

The solution

What you need to fix Mac duplicate contacts is a duplicate contact tool, but what one should you choose? Scrubly is the safest and easiest duplicate contact remover out there. You can not only find and merge duplicate contacts, but Scrubly lets you back up your address book in case an issue comes up after removing duplicate contacts.

We have built Scrubly over time to seek out, merge, and delete duplicate contacts in not only the Mac, but in Gmail, Google Apps, and Outlook as well.

Scrubly works seamlessly with the Mac, removing duplicate contacts and getting your Contacts squeaky clean.

Using Scrubly on Mac duplicate contacts is easy. With just 5 steps you’ll be on your way to a tidy, organized Mac Contacts list.

First, you create your Scrubly account at Next, using the step-by-step instructions, you export your Mac contacts and upload them to Scrubly. Your contacts are backed up and the scrubbing process runs. You choose how thorough you want the cleaning to be, and once Scrubly is done, you download your contacts and import them back into Mac Contacts. It’s really that easy.


Listen, having clean, correct information is a must. With contact lists moving from paper to the electronic realm, the need for oversight and cleaning of your data is vital to keeping you going and connecting easily with the people you need to. Mac duplicate contacts are the problem, and Scrubly is the solution.


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