Get Rid of Outlook Duplicate Contacts Once and For All

As the paper address book has moved online, a new problem has appeared. When entering a contact into your computer or phone’s address book, all it takes is a one-letter difference to create a duplicate contact. Once the duplicate contact is there, data between the two will begin to divide itself as well. It’s possible to have three or more multiple contact listings for just one person!


The Problem

Most of us rely on email for our jobs, and as such use Outlook contacts to organize our contacts and all the information associated with them. With multiple email addresses, syncing services, social media, and just simple misspellings, the chance for Outlook duplicate contacts grows every day.

This isn’t only annoying, but in a professional setting, it can be downright embarrassing! If you need to send contact information to someone and you have three or four listings for that person, how do you send it? Do you only send one contact and appear to not have the proper information, or do you send all four and show your disorganization?

The Effects

There are more negative effects of Outlook duplicate contacts than I could possibly mention here, but they all basically come back to disorganization. Outlook lets you list all the important information possible for your contacts, so losing that information you so carefully culled over time can be embarrassing as well as just a real pain.

Having this information spread out can let you miss birthdays, forget about addresses, and ask for information that you already have, which can make people feel un-important since they know they already gave it to you, and worse yet, can make you seem disorganized at work.


The Solution

The solution to Outlook duplicate contacts is obviously to remove the duplicate contacts, but how? There is the manual method, but that could literally take hours and is prone to mistakes. The real solution is to run a duplicate contact tool.
There are a few available, but which should you run?

Scrubly is the answer to your Outlook duplicate contact woes. This simple, safe duplicate contact remover will make short work of your Outlook duplicate contacts while keeping your data safe and secure.

Scrubly’s ability to find duplicate contacts is pretty amazing. You can choose the simple or advanced method, depending on the time you wish to spend on the service, as well as your level of computer skill. Removing duplicate contacts can take a lot of time if done manually, but Scrubly makes it as simple as clicking a few buttons.

The time saver that we built into Scrubly as a duplicate contact tool isn’t so much in its ability to find duplicate contacts, which you can do pretty straight forwardly, rather the secret lies in Scrubly’s ability to automatically merge duplicate contacts. This would require you to copy and paste a lot of data if you did the same work by hand and not with a duplicate contact tool like Scrubly.

Outlook is an amazing piece of software, but just like any software, it only does what you tell it to do. If you save a contact as “John Doe” and another as “John Allen Doe” it won’t ask if they are the same person, it will just save them. Scrubly is a smart, safe, and effective duplicate contact remover tool, and when paired with Outlook, makes you far more organized and keeps Outlook duplicate contacts at bay. Outlook duplicate contacts are the problem, and Scrubly is the answer.


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