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Microsoft Office Tips: How to Use VLOOKUP in Excel

Microsoft Excel is far more than a basic spreadsheet app. It has a ton of amazing tools that make quick work of complex tasks, and VLOOKUP is one of them.

4 Great Ways to Back Up Photos on Your PC

Thanks to the huge growth of cloud storage, there are more ways than ever to back up photos easily and, most important, securely. Here are our top picks.

How the Apple Watch Could Change Your Workouts

Is the Apple Watch right for you? Here are five features of the new device that could change your exercise routine and justify its hefty price tag.

5 Inventive Ways to Use Remember The Milk

We love RTM for being far more than just a simple to-do-list app. Check out these creative ways you can use Remember The Milk to stay more organized.

Fix Your Mac Adware Woes With AdwareMedic

Adware is popping up more and more on Macs. If you think your Mac has been infected, a nifty little app called AdwareMedic is here with the cure.

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How to Set Up Dropbox Two-Step Verification

Do you keep a lot of important stuff in your account? Learn how to configure Dropbox two-step verification to make your digital files more secure.

Mastering the New Skype for Mac Interface

Skype for Mac just got a big update that’s made it easier to use — if you know where to look. Here are our top tips for using the new interface.

How to Text and Drive Safely – No Accidents or Tickets

Admit it, you’ve sent a text or three while behind the wheel. You know you shouldn’t. But if you have an iPhone, you can still text and drive. Here’s how.

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5 Great Business Card Apps for Your Smartphone

Business cards are great, but they’re much handier when you can put them on your smartphone. Here are our picks for the top five mobile business card apps.

6 Simple Ways to Speed Up Windows 7

While Windows 7 is still a great OS, sometimes it can get a bit sluggish. Here are some tips to get it back to the lean, fast system it was meant to be.