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5 Social Media Privacy Tips for Twitter and Facebook

Sharing things online is great, but it can also raise serious security concerns. These social media privacy tips will help keep you sharing safely.

The Complete Social Media Maintenance Guide

Keeping all your social media accounts updated is getting more and more complicated. We’ve made it simpler with these social media maintenance tips.

Change Your LinkedIn Profile, Change Your Life: 9 Tips

Letting your LinkedIn profile just sit there is a big mistake that costs you opportunities. Here’s how to make your profile get you the attention you want.

8 IFTTT Recipes to Help Streamline Your Social Media

Managing all your social media accounts can be a real chore. These IFTTT recipes can automate some of those routine tasks and keep your accounts in sync.

Completely Overhaul Facebook With One Awesome Plugin

Do you use Facebook every day but hate some of its design and functionality? Check out how the Social Fixer plugin can help you change all that.

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