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Scrubly Now Updates Your Contacts from Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter

With Scrubly, you can now import all of the rich contact information that exists on your social network to enhance and update your contact list.

Big Product Update from Scrubly

In the past few months, we’ve launched some great new features, ramped up our duplicate matching logic and made removing duplicate contacts a whole lot easier.

New Scrubly Mac Client Released v.

Today we released an updated Scrubly Mac client v. that fixes the errors a few of our Mac users were running into. If you are a Mac user, you can launch the Scrubly Mac client and it will auto-update.

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Introducing Scrubly | Duplicate Contact Remover App

Today, we are making Scrubly available for invite-only beta. Scrubly is the world’s first cloud-based address book cleanup tool. The service automatically removes duplicates and merges matching contacts inside Outlook, Mac, Gmail and Google Apps address books.