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How to Mute a Conversation in Messages for Mac and iOS

Texting is fun, but sometimes you just need someone to shut up already so you can get some work done. Here’s how to mute a conversation in Messages.

5 Great Ways to Speed Up Your Old Mac

Are you itching to buy a newer, zippier Mac? Not so fast! Here are some excellent ways to speed up your old Mac and fall in love with it all over again.

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How to Set Up and Use Handoff in OS X Yosemite

For seamless continuity between what you do across your Mac and iOS devices, you should really learn how to set up and use Handoff. Here are the easy steps.

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How to Customize the OS X Yosemite Login Screen

Tired of looking at the same old bland screen when you open your Mac? You can actually make the OS X Yosemite login screen be whatever you want. Here’s how.

How to Recover Deleted Files on Your Mac

Oh, no! You’ve deleted an important file by mistake. Take a deep breath and don’t despair — there are several ways to recover deleted files on your Mac.

10 More OS X Yosemite Features You Didn’t Know About

Some of the most useful OS X features aren’t highlighted at the big Apple show. That’s why we have these awesome OS X Yosemite features for you right here.

Quick Guide: How to Repair Disk Permissions in OS X

While Macs run pretty great on their own, sometimes even they can use a little help. Here’s how to repair disk permissions to keep your Mac in top form.

How to Customize the Notification Center in OS X Yosemite

Why settle for the default settings in Notification Center? There are plenty of ways to make this great OS X feature work just the way you need it to.

How to Install Windows 10 Technical Preview on a Mac

Need to use Windows on your Mac sometimes? You can download a Technical Preview of the upcoming Windows 10 to see what’s in store. Here’s how.

5 Tips to Make OS X TextEdit Work Better

The basic text editor that comes with OS X is very handy, but with a few tweaks it can be better. Here are some great ways to do more with TextEdit.