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How to Mute a Conversation in Messages for Mac and iOS

Texting is fun, but sometimes you just need someone to shut up already so you can get some work done. Here’s how to mute a conversation in Messages.

5 Ways to Use Your Chromecast to Stay Productive

Google’s nifty little device isn’t just for streaming the latest ‘House of Cards’ on your TV. Check out these ways to use Chromecast to up your work game.

How to Manage Multiple Email Accounts Using Gmail

Losing track of all those different accounts? You can use one Gmail account to manage multiple email accounts more easily. We’ll show how you how!

10 Quick Google Search Tips to Find What You Need Faster

If you only do basic searches, you’re underestimating how powerful Google really is. Check out these great ways to take Google search to the next level.


Microsoft Office Tips: How to Use VLOOKUP in Excel

Microsoft Excel is far more than a basic spreadsheet app. It has a ton of amazing tools that make quick work of complex tasks, and VLOOKUP is one of them.

7 Productivity Tips to Effectively Crush Your Goals

Goals are easy to talk about, but it takes dedication and the right strategies in order to reach them. Check out some great ways to set and stick to yours.

4 Great Ways to Back Up Photos on Your PC

Thanks to the huge growth of cloud storage, there are more ways than ever to back up photos easily and, most important, securely. Here are our top picks.

3 Tips to Save (and Regain) Disk Space in Mac Mail

You may not realize how much space all those emails in your Mac Mail app take up, especially if you have a minimal hard drive. Here’s how to get some back.