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How to Turn On Text Message Forwarding on Mac & iPad

Thanks to Apple’s new text message forwarding, you don’t have to be on your iPhone to get and send Android/SMS-based texts. Here’s how to set it up.

How to Effectively Manage iPhone Contacts

Syncing contacts from multiple places with your iPhone is great, but it can also get a bit messy. Here’s how to manage your iPhone contacts more easily.

7 Signs You Need to Clean Up Your Contact List

A lean, organized contact list is key to staying productive. If any of these signs apply to you, you need to clean up your contact list, pronto.

5 New iOS 8 Features That Improve Your Productivity

Some of the great things about the iPhone 6 aren’t in the hardware but right in iOS 8. Check out these iOS 8 features that help you get more done.

5 Inventive Ways to Use Remember The Milk

We love RTM for being far more than just a simple to-do-list app. Check out these creative ways you can use Remember The Milk to stay more organized.

How to Sync Facebook Contacts With Your iPhone

We’ll show you how to sync Facebook contacts with your iPhone, as well as how to avoid duplicate contacts and other common pitfalls this involves.

Google Wallet vs. Apple Pay: Which Will Replace Your Wallet?

Apple Pay has been getting all the buzz lately, but the battle of Google Wallet vs. Apple Pay for consumers’ digital pockets is far from over.

Tips to Simplify Your Switch From Android to iPhone

Nervous about whether your switch from Android to iPhone will preserve all of your precious data? Don’t sweat it — these tips have got you covered.

How to Add a Gmail Account to Windows 8.1 Mobile

Got a new Windows 8.1 mobile device? We’ve got the steps to add your Gmail account, plus multiple email accounts, to your new Windows Phone or tablet.

How to Clean Up Your Phone Number Formatting With Scrubly

Phone number formatting — people do it all sorts of ways, which can be a big headache in your contacts list and lead to errors. Scrubly can help fix that.