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5 Cool OS X Yosemite Features You May Have Missed

So much is new in this version of OS X that you probably haven’t discovered it all yet. Take a look at some Yosemite features you’ll want to get to know.

How to Close All Apps in OS X Using AppleScript

Hate when you can’t reboot your Mac right away because you have so many apps to close first? Here’s how to create a script to close all apps at once.

How to Scan Credit Cards Into Your iOS 8 Device

If you shop online in Safari with your iPhone or iPad, this can be a big time-saver. Check out how to scan credit cards in iOS 8 for extra convenience.

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Do I Need to Do Any Mac Maintenance?

Macs tend to “just work” — for the most part. But to keep yours running as smoothly as possible, check out these key tips for routine Mac maintenance.


How to Stop Your Mac Ringing When Your iPhone Does

Apple’s Handoff feature is great, but having your computer ring along with your iPhone can be a pain. Here’s how you can easily stop your Mac ringing.

OS X Yosemite Tip: How to Show the Full URL in Safari 8

Do you like Yosemite but have a problem with the latest update of the Safari browser? Here’s how to get Safari 8 to show the full URL of any website again.

How to Use FileVault in Yosemite to Encrypt Your Hard Drive (or Not)

Yosemite makes it easier to protect the data on your hard drive in case it’s lost or stolen, but it’s up to you. Find out how to turn FileVault on or off.

How to Text and Drive Safely – No Accidents or Tickets

Admit it, you’ve sent a text or three while behind the wheel. You know you shouldn’t. But if you have an iPhone, you can still text and drive. Here’s how.

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6 Productivity Tips — From 3 Dead People, 2 Comedians, and 1 Monk

What do these 6 people have in common? They developed habits that let them find their genius. Now you can too, with their simple productivity tips.

Getting Started With the New Outlook for Mac

Eager to trade in your 2011 version for the new Outlook for Mac? We’ll walk you through some of the improved features and how to get it set up.