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Working From Home: Secrets to Staying Motivated and Sane

It’s the ultimate dream, right? It can be — as long as you avoid some common pitfalls. Here’s how to make working from home work for you.

How to Add Third-Party Keyboards to the iPhone in iOS 8

With iOS 8, keyboard options for your iPhone abound. Check out our tutorial on how to take advantage of all the third-party keyboards iOS 8 has to offer.

8 Contact Management Tips to Start Using Today

No matter what app you use, these contact management tips will make you the master of your domain when it comes to both your personal and work contacts.

6 Tips for Fixing Your iOS 8 Battery Life Woes

While iOS 8 is amazing, it can be a big drain on your iPhone if you don’t tweak your settings. Here are some easy ways to improve your iOS 8 battery life.

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5 Great Business Card Apps for Your Smartphone

Business cards are great, but they’re much handier when you can put them on your smartphone. Here are our picks for the top five mobile business card apps.