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iOS 8 Messages: How to Ignore or Leave a Group Message

One of the great new features in iOS 8 Messages is the ability to ignore or take yourself out of a group iMessage conversation. Here’s how you do it.


5 Simple Ways to Better Secure Your Mac

While Macs are some of the most secure computers around, there are still risks. Check out these five tips on how to secure your Mac even further.


3 Great New Features to Use in Evernote on iOS 8

Apple’s latest mobile OS improves not only your iPhone and iPad but the apps you use on them. Check out these new ways to use Evernote on iOS 8.

5 Simple Productivity Tips — and How to Use Them

Productivity tips are no help unless you know how to put them into action. Find out how easily you can incorporate these tips into your daily life.

6 Powerful Evernote Search Tips

What makes Evernote so useful is its search capability. Check out these Evernote search tips so you can use the app to its full potential.

6 Tips to Get Better Battery Life From Your Mac

The latest Macs have great battery life, but you can always use more, right? Here are some easy ways to get the most out of your Mac notebook’s battery.

6 Simple Ways to Speed Up Windows 7

While Windows 7 is still a great OS, sometimes it can get a bit sluggish. Here are some tips to get it back to the lean, fast system it was meant to be.

iOS 8: How to View iPad or iPhone Battery Usage to Save Power

With iOS 8 it’s become easier than ever to monitor the battery usage on your iPad or iPhone so you can stop the apps that are draining all your power.


How to Restore a Time Machine Backup

Making backup versions of your Mac can come in handy for many reasons. You never know when you’ll need them. Here’s how to restore a Time Machine backup.

How to Set Up Google 2-Step Verification

It’s easier than you think for someone to guess your passwords. That’s why you should really use Google 2-Step verification to protect your Google account.