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Use iCloud Keychain to View Saved Passwords and Credit Cards

With iCloud Keychain and Safari you can view usernames, passwords, and credit card info on OS X and even sync everything to iOS for easy access. Here’s how.

Mac Trackpad Gestures You Never Knew Existed

The trackpad is far more than just an analog for the mouse. Check out the amazing ways to use Mac trackpad gestures and prepare to have your mind blown!

5 Skype Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

If you use Skype, you probably already know how great it is. But these Skype tips can make it even more powerful and convenient.

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OS X Yosemite: How to Configure iCloud in Apple Mail

OS X Yosemite is coming, and we want to make sure you’re ready. First in our series on Yosemite, how to set up iCloud in Apple Mail on the new Mac OS.

Increase Your Productivity With These 5 Amazing Foods

Looking to increase your productivity? Nutrition is a key factor. These five foods are a delicious way to help you get more done in the long run.

How to Configure a Lock Screen for Your Mac

Why put your whole Mac to sleep every time you step away from it? It’s easy to configure a lock screen feature to secure it from prying eyes.


How to Add a Mac Firmware Password to Protect Your Hard Drive

You can make your computer useless to anyone who steals it by adding a Mac firmware password to protect the hard drive. Here’s how.

How to Create Google Alerts for the Content You Want

Instead of searching for news about the content you want to see, why not let Google do it? Find out how to put Google Alerts to work for you.


5 Seemingly Crazy Productivity Tips That Actually Aren’t

You’ve probably been told to avoid at least a couple of these work habits. Here’s why they’re actually valid productivity tips that may just work for you.

5 Pro Tips for Using Google Maps on Mobile

You probably know the basics of how to use Google Maps, but if you want to make it even more useful, check out these awesome but lesser-known features.