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5 Google Chrome Plugins You Should Be Using Now

If you love Chrome but don’t know about all the plugins available for it, what are you waiting for? Start using these great Google Chrome plugins now.


Completely Overhaul Facebook With One Awesome Plugin

Do you use Facebook every day but hate some of its design and functionality? Check out how the Social Fixer plugin can help you change all that.

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4 Tips to Keep Your Google Contacts in Shape

While Google Contacts is great, you still need to tend to your contacts list every so often to keep it working at its best. Here are some tips to help.

Recall Emails in Gmail, Avoid Embarrassment

D’oh! Wish you hadn’t sent that email yet? Now you can just take it back. Here’s how to recall emails in Gmail and save yourself from looking stupid.

8 Ways to Control Your iPhone With Your Apple EarPods

Whether you’ve had an iPhone for a while or just got one, there are probably a few things you didn’t know those little Apple EarPods could do.

5 Outlook Productivity Tips to Help You Work Faster

You spend too much time on email every day, right? Check out these Outlook productivity tips so you can reduce that time and get more real work done.

How to Create a Lock Screen Shortcut on Your Mac

Closing and opening your Mac laptop’s lid is so old school, when you can use a lock screen shortcut instead. It’s easy to create one. We’ll show you how!

5 Tips to Avoid Duplicate Outlook Contacts

Scrubly is the best way to get rid of duplicates, but how do you avoid them in the first place? Here are some tips to prevent duplicate Outlook contacts.

How to Take Your First Time Machine Backup

Now that you’ve got your Apple home office set up, learn how to take a Time Machine backup to protect your data in case something happens to your Mac.

Spotify Tips to Enhance Your Music – and More

Spotify does much more than just stream music. Check out these pro Spotify tips that will help you get more out of the app.