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How to Enable Root User in Mac OS X (and Why You Should)

The root user account lets you do just about anything you want to your Mac. Here are the steps on how to enable root user in OS X.

Email Hacked! 6 Things to Do When It Happens to You

No matter how you got your email hacked, there are six things you should do immediately in order to limit the damage to your valuable information.

How to Easily Create a Strong Password You Can Remember

Gone are the days of using one password on multiple sites. Here are some tips on how to create strong passwords that are unique and easy to remember.


How to Move System Folders to Another Drive on Your Mac

While Mac OS X doesn’t like you to move system folders around, sometimes you have a good reason for wanting to. Here’s how to do it without causing issues.


7 Tips for Using Google Search Like a Pro

You know Google search is powerful, but really, you don’t know the half of it. Check out these tips for super-charging your Google searches.

5 Slick Features Included in Gmail

Gmail has so many features that it’s easy to miss some of the more interesting ones. Check out these five features you didn’t know were included in Gmail.

The Secret of Getting Ahead Is Getting Started: The Productivity of Mark Twain

Celebrated American writer Mark Twain attacked life, and work, head-on. He still has a few things to teach us today about productivity.

How to Set Up and Use IFTTT on Your iPhone

Love how IFTTT automates your digital life? Now an iPhone version lets you automate things even more, while you’re on the go. Here’s how to set it up.

Make Gmail Even Better With These Plug-ins

Gmail is great, but it can be even better. Here are some of the best plug-ins to make Gmail fit your needs as closely as possible and help you get more done.

How to Completely Disable Notification Center in OS X

Constant messages from Notification Center driving you nuts? Here’s how to disable it entirely — or just tweak it so it shuts up for a while.