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How to Jump Off iCloud and Migrate to Google Contacts

If you want to migrate from iCloud to Google Contacts, here’s a step by step tutorial on how to safely migrate your data from iCloud to Google. Screenshots included.

The Magic of Apple Smart Mailboxes

If you’re not currently using Apple Mail’s Smart Mailbox feature, they will save you a huge amount of time throughout your day. This post tells you how to set them up and gives you examples to try immediately.

Accessing Spell-Check and Auto-Correct in Outlook 2013

How to access and customize spell check and auto correct in Outlook 2013. Quick shortcuts and how to modify auto correct functionality along with screen shots to walk you through the steps.

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How To Back Up Your Mac Address Book Contacts

Step by step instructions on how to backup and restore your Mac Address Book contacts.

4 Tips To Make Gmail Absolutely Beautiful

Tired of your boring Gmail interface? Make it come alive with these four tips for making your view of Gmail’s interface beautiful.